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Be A Confident Speaker – Even If You’re Nervous

Public speaking is a fabulous avenue to grow your business, build credibility, rally people for your cause or share you story. All you need to do is get up in front of an audience and share your riveting presentation…. wait, what??? Get up in front of an audience and speak??? Reality is, many people would (…) Read More


Engage your Audience

You are an expert in your subject matter. You have the courage to stand up to speak. You are charming and have a great stage presence. It’s not enough! But if you know how to engage your audience, you’ll be a rock star on stage! Why? Because when presenters just talk – people zone out. (…) Read More

profit from speaking know your audience

Know Your Audience

When you are on stage to speak, you must create a connection with your audience. Knowing your audience is an important part of that; if you don’t know your audience well, you will have the opposite effect and create disconnection instead of connection. Can’t you just get up, be your authentic self and share your (…) Read More