“How To Create A Lead Magnet That Converts”

Master YOUR lead magnet creation with this simple 4-step process!


Are you a professional keynote speaker, a workshop leader, a business owner or simply a fabulous human with a great message to share? You can profit from speaking (and if you already do, you can grow your business)! You know you’re good (you better believe it!!)  and the world needs to hear your story!

Paid speaking engagements, selling from the back of a room, using speaking as a funnel to sell other products – these are just a few examples how you can profit from speaking.



Be the authority!

Learn how to be viewed as an authority in your field.


Always be yourself!

Learn how to deliver a message that’s uniquely you.


Be consistent!

Learn how to create a marketing plan & execution strategy that will consistently give your results.

Alexandra Krieger
Business Growth & Marketing Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

As entrepreneur and business owner I discovered long ago that speaking was a great way to support my business growth strategy. There was only one problem: I was deadly afraid of public speaking! Many years ago I was attending a big conference and I was asked to speak to a large group about marketing my business (that’s MY topic, how bad could it be??). Well, it was really bad! After I got up on stage I managed to completely freeze and (according to my husband) “nothing intelligent” came out of my mouth.

Years later I started attending Toastmasters to overcome my fear of public speaking and slowly that fear turned into “this is not so bad” and later to my realization that I can really make a difference to people with my message and I started to embrace my presence on stage. I won’t lie, I still get nervous before I get up to speak at an event, but I have also learned that I forget all about that once I start to speak and get to connect with my audience.

I love speaking at live events, but I have also discovered the power of online training; it allows me to reach people around the world – my online courses now have over 3,000 students in 117 countries.

In my business coaching I am often asked by speakers, coaches and trainers about marketing themselves better, and business owners ask me how public speaking can help them grow their business. The key success factors are always: being seen as an authority in your field, being an authentic presenter and marketing & selling consistently.


Our Profit From Speaking Program is here to guide you in being seen as an authority in your field, being an authentic presenter and marketing & selling consistently. We take you from strategy to execution with easy to implement steps that will help you go to the next level.

During the course you will receive a guided learning plan with each module, including video tutorials and worksheets that help you implement what you learn. You will also be able to attend our live profit-maximizer calls where you can ask questions and fast-track your success.


Established and emerging professional speakers, facilitators and trainers who are looking to grow their business and business owners who want to increase their revenue through speaking.

Program registration will open Fall 2018. Please send a message to info@makbiz.ca if you want to be notified when registration opens.

alexandra krieger and tony robbins

Alexandra Krieger with Tony Robbins

alexandra krieger dan kennedy

Alexandra Krieger with Dan Kennedy

alexandra krieger speaking

Alexandra Krieger speaking at a conference